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We are dedicated to serving as the Bridge Between the Caterpillar and Butterfly by providing the world with preventative services to lower the number of individuals in mental health facilities and people receiving post-reactionary care.

Are you ready to live your BEST life and no longer desire to just simply exist?  Are you ready to walk in your purpose to experience the feeling of fulfillment in life? Feeling stuck is OVER! Let's get started with becoming unapologetically you while you morph from being an isolated genius to a transformational powerhouse!

Who am I calling a genius? The queen who is always contributing new ideas. The one who is sharing her gifts and talents resulting in the success of others. The one who feels alone despite pouring out all that is within her on a daily basis. Is this you?

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"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great."
- Les Brown

Transform with Me

Allow us to introduce Mylira  Green, MSW, LCSW


The Butterfly Effect

Our Services

Female Friends

The Metamorphosis Experience

A 6 week coaching program designed to help the genius woman become unstuck and motivated to confidently reach her goals while owning her gifts despite the lack of support given from her peers.


- Are you a genius constantly offering the world your ideas, but it feels like you are invisible in the rooms you fill?

- Does your work get praised more than the value offered in return for your gifts, services and talents?


If you are ready to live YOUR BEST LIFE, then this program is for you!!

This experience includes  weekly zoom calls and daily support from your coach.  This can be done one on one or in a group capacity.


Ask us about our experience for young queens ages 13 - 21, to build a solid foundation of success. lowering the need for reprogramming in their adulthood. 

Reiki Treatment

The Cocoon Experience

Providing balance to your mind, body, and spirit through the use of Reiki healing through hand placements removing those things that are no longer energetically serving you to make room to receive what does. 

- Are you a busy woman entrepreneur looking for clarity for the next steps of your business?

- Are you a brilliant mind who needs to turn off all the noise to tap deeper into your creativity?

- Are you a successful woman in the midst of a life transition that requires you to manage all dimensions of life while still executing your purpose?

This experience includes 6 weekly reiki sessions to provide balance to your energetic self resulting in a homeostasis of your physical meat suit to promote adequate execution of your full purpose. 

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The Greenhouse effect

Bi-monthly relationship panel and weekly podcast purposed to show powerhouses they can experience a forever love no matter what traumas they have experienced individually or in their relationship by creating a safe environment to discuss all things love, marriage, and healthy relationships.

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The narrative remedy

Mylira uses her life story and expertise as a Clinical Social Worker to create transformative speeches, discussions, and trainings to serve the world and her community through appearances on Podcast, Panels,  and Television Shows/Films; as well as, conducting workshop and trainings on how to continue to confidently live one's life after a trauma. 


Meet YOUR Confidence Coach

Mylira Green, LCSW

As seen on TV One's
For My Man!


As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Confidence Coach, and Reiki Master,  she is fiercely committed to guiding youth and young adults, ages 13 - 25, as well as women, to become unstuck and motivated to confidently reach their goals while owning their gifts.

As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Social Work in 2013 and received her Masters of Social Work with a clinical concentration in children and families from the University of Southern California in 2015. She has self-published two books entitled, “The Art of Just Being Me: An Interactive Guide to Finding the Courage to Just Be You” and “Free Thyself: A Guide of Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Assault” and participated in the Speak Out Survivor Anthology. She wrote on the Narrate Remedy: Storytelling Through My Healing and has the desire to encourage others to use their story as a catalyst to their healing.

Mylira is currently focused on providing coaching sessions to create a safe environment encouraging brilliant minds who struggle to fit in to reach their highest level of self-esteem, conducting Reiki sessions to help women entrepreneurs become more focused while stepping into their purpose, engaging couples in in-depth conversations to gain the confidence needed to make it last forever, and facilitating trainings/keynote speeches on the role of trauma and mental health in our society to promote professionalism and the importance of self-care in our daily lives and the workplace.


She strives to close the gap between someone's current reality and where she ultimately desires to be in her lifetime. 


Thank you for investing your time to get to know our founder a little better!! Let's transform together!


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